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Mereside House

Hornsea, East Riding of Yorkshire

January 2015 - December 2018

Construction Stage

A dynamic extension to an existing house overlooking Hornsea mere. The extension twists and opens to maximise the quality of the lake views.

At SKA we often find that houses are built with little concern for the beauty surrounding them, often with views which cover no more than a small garden. Our extension to this semi detached home on the edge of Hornsea Mere aimed to capture the greatest views of the vast neighbouring lake, through extensive glazing and a unique bay window which we rotated to provide the optimal view of Hornsea mere. 

In all our projects we aim to create homes which use no fossil fuels but instead take energy from their surroundings, this not only minimises our effect on climate change but also saves clients vast sums of money through their lack of heating bills. Mereside house achieves this through a substantial borehole ground source heating system which siphons the heat absorbed by the neighbouring lake to fully heat the home.
— Stephen Samuel RIBA Chartered Architect
Keeping heat in your home in winter and keeping it out in summer is always a key concern of ours and therefore a thermally efficient building skin is of paramount importance.

Our extension to Mereside house is wrapped in a thick jacket of high-performance insulation which keeps heating bills to a minimum whilst also sheltering the home’s structure from the weather which lengthens the building lifespan by over 50%.
— Linda Samuel SKA Practice Leader

♢  Lakeside Home Extension

♢  Maximising Views Across Lake

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