Mereside House Rises

Our radical lakeside extension to a cottage beside Hornsea Mere, East Yorkshire continues construction ready for its roof and panoramic windows. The project centres around capturing views over the Mere boathouse and beyond. Completion is expected by October 2018.

Another chapter for 27 Stonegate

Samuel Kendall Associates have recently completed ameliorative works to Molly Browns Dresses at 27 Stonegate in York's historic city centre. 

Built in 1454, this oak frame building is located on Stonegate, one of York's most iconic streets, named for its heritage as the passage which York Minster's stone arrived along.

Once the address of goldsmiths, glass painters & apothecaries, 27 Stonegate now hosts the upmarket dress retailers - Molly Browns.

Molly Browns came to SKA to resolve aspects of the premises which were limiting the area available to sell their high-end designer garments. An area previously inaccessible to the shop floor to the rear of the building at first-floor level was regained through SKA's tentative survey work, analysis, and deliberation with York city council. The needs of Molly Browns were achieved through a new bespoke oak staircase as well as restoration works to the derelict dress chamber.

Holgate Town Hotel reaches completion

Our restorative works at the Holgate Town Hotel in York city centre have recently been completed. The project features a new central gathering atrium finished in reclaimed York brick with York stone cappings & fixtures made in handmade bronze.

Ask an Expert: What Do I Need to Know About Solar Panels?

Stephen Samuel - There are many benefits to installing solar panels on your property, most obviously the reduction in your electricity bills. Depending on the number of panels you fit, they could provide you with at least 50% of the electricity your household needs and any excess you produce is automatically sold to the National Grid. Cue another benefit – the opportunity to earn money from your installation, which can kick in after as little as five years if you have a good-sized system of around 16 panels. 

Home Building: This man cave lives up to its name!

In this unique homify tour, you'll see the construction and finished product of a project that from Samuel Kendall Associates Limited have appropriately dubbed the Garden Studio Man Cave. This small stone structure sits in the garden of a UK home and houses both a home study and entertainment facility, offering an escape into its own little world.

Home: 12 ways to increase your home space

Genista Jurgens - Is your home on the smaller side of things? Or maybe you are looking for a quick fix to create that little bit of extra room on your property? There are countless ways that you can, and we have got 12 of them here to show you today. 

Cải Tạo Đất Trống Thành Studio Tuyệt Đẹp

Nhu Ngô - Bạn muốn có một ngôi nhà thật đặc sắc theo phong cách studio nhưng diện tích thiết kế bị giới hạn? Mái nhà đã được cố định rồi, lại không có tầng hầm, không có diện tích trồng cây cho sân vườn và cũng chẳng có đủ diện tích cho gara xe hơi? 

Casa Pequena? 22 Ideias Simples Para Ampliar O Seu Lar

Marina Mantovanini - Quando faltam metros quadrados no nosso lar e quando não existem possibilidades de mudar para uma casa maior, nos resta ser criativos e criar possíveis extensões para aumentar e ampliar a nossa moradia até ao jardim. Mas como? Existem muitas maneiras!


How to extend your home on a budget

Will Sayner - With the exception of those lucky enough to live in particularly grand properties, it’s fair to say that most of us would love to add to the size of our homes. If you have the space available around your property, then a home extension is obviously preferable to moving. However, extending your home can be costly, requiring a plethora of skilled professionals and expensive materials. Unfortunately this is unavoidable, but there are a few ways that we can keep the costs to a minimum, and with this in mind we’ve put together a guide to keeping the cost of your home extension down.


Renovasi Taman: dari Halaman Kosong jadi Pondok Rekreasi Unik

Monica Wijayanthy - Anda ingin rumah lebih hidup, tetapi rumah tidak dapat diperluas lagi?Atapnya sudah dikembangkan dan tidak ada ruang di bawah tanah, budidaya tidak dapat direalisasikan dan garasi harus tetap menjadi garasi?  Kami hadir memberikan Anda banyak inspirasi, bagaimana itu masih bisa diperbaiki. Ahli kami dari Samuel Kendall Associates Limited telah menyediakan klien mereka sebuah taman dari pondok yang spesial.


เรียบง่ายแบบคูลๆ กับ 8 บ้านทรงกล่องขนาดกำลังดี ดีไซน์สุดทันสมัย

หัวใจสำคัญสำหรับการออกแบบและตกแต่งบ้านในปัจจุบันท่ามกลางเศรษฐกิจที่ผันผวนแบบนี้ ความเรียบง่าย คือคำตอบที่ดีเยี่ยม เพราะปัจจัยดังกล่าวสามารถลดค่าใช้จ่ายในหลากหลายด้าน ไม่ว่าจะเป็น ค่าแรงงาน ค่าออกแบบ รวมทั้งค่าวัสดุก่อสร้าง ซึ่งรูปแบบบ้านที่ตอบโจทย์การเรียบง่ายได้ดีที่สุด คงต้องยกให้กับ บ้านทรงกล่อง.