We are an architect’s practice based in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Founded in 1998, we are now working across the UK, our studio has sought to develop a highly sustainable, context sensitive approach to architecture.


Notable projects of our office include the Queensgate Studio, a small but transformative creator’s space in Beverley, Rascal Wood, a vast carbon neutral farmstead in Holme on Spalding Moor, and Bron Berllan Isaf, the vernacular restoration of a derelict farmhouse in North Wales.


We currently have a number of works under construction including Catfoss House, a radically transformed existing cottage, Mereside, an extension making a strong connection to its lakeside context and the revival of a 70's dwelling which with minimal cost reconfigures and maximises the original dwelling's potential.

Our Ethos & Approach

♢ Championing our clients' values and aspirations into unique places.

♢ Creating highly sustainable homes, tailored to their climate.

♢ Building with high quality materials native to their setting.

♢ Maximising the value of existing homes, adding beauty & practicality.

♢ Maintaining & enhancing the character of our towns & countryside.

♢ Championing contemporary technologies & timeless design to achieve carbon positive architecture.

♢ Intelligent architecture which values our people & planet.

♢ Sensitive design for people of all abilities and walks of life.

Contact Us

Email - info@samuelkendall.co.uk

Phone - 01964 544480

Office - The Old Forge

             Main Street, Catwick


             HU17 5PH